How To Rename A Nano Server Hostname

In post I’ll show how I’m renaming the hostname of my Nano Server 2016 Server which can only be done from the PowerShell.

As you will see below the recovery console does not have an option to rename the hostname and the only way to do this Is using PowerShell.

To get started I’ll log In to my Nano Server using PowerShell Remote Session or PowerShell Direct from my Hyper-V Host.

To change the host name I type:

Rename-Computer -NewName NanoTP05 –PassThru

To restart the computer, I type restart-computer

And as you can see below, my Nano Server has a new Hostname





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  1. Cesar Goya Avatar
    Cesar Goya

    It didn’t work for me. I’ve got an error that states: The request is not support.ed