Use Non-US Date Format With C# .NET

The current date is 10/06/2021. In the United States, this would be formatted as 10/06/2021. However, in some other cultures, this would be formatting as 06/10/2021.

Create a Git Repository from Visual Studio in GitHub

This post is all about how to create a Git repository from Visual Studio in GitHub. One of the most popular programs for managing your source code, Visual Studio makes it easy to create and manage projects with its integrated development environment (IDE). Now you can take advantage of the power of Git without leaving… Continue reading Create a Git Repository from Visual Studio in GitHub

Stop IIS Website With PowerShell

Administrators can use PowerShell to stop IIS websites on Windows Server machines. This is much faster than using IIS Manager, which takes longer for the website to completely close down.

Install .NET 5 With Microsoft Winget

Using Windows Package Manager (Winget) to manage applications has made the process lifecycle application much smoother and more manageable.

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