9 Things You Need To Know About Hyper-V 2016

With the upcoming release of Windows Server 2016 RTM, Hyper-V will get its 6th update release with many cool features that needs some attention.

I decided to cover the new features that I think every Admin, Engineer and Architect needs to know, like all new product the items below are not the full list but they are very Important.

  1. Integration Services delivered via Windows Update – Unlike VMware you can now update the Integration services from Windows update, this Is a great feature that will reduce the amount of downtime of each VM.
  2. Nested Virtualization – This feature was In the request list for a very long time and was available with ESXi for many years now. Nested Virtualization Is a mandatory feature In Windows Containers.
  3. Production Checkpoint – Point In time Image of the VM taken from the guest backup Instead from the host backup.
  4. Rolling Hyper-V Cluster upgrade – You can now upgrade your Server 2012 Hyper-V cluster by adding a Server 2016 node and move the VMs to it.
  5. Windows Containers – As mentioned In point No. 2 Windows Containers needs to run Inside a guest VM
  6. PowerShell Direct – Mange Hyper-V VMs directly from the host without network connection, This Is a great feature for Nano Server.
  7. New Virtual Machine file format and new configuration version
  8. Shielded Virtual Machines – Encrypted Virtual Machines that protect against Hyper-V administrators from inspect, tamper or steal data from a VM
  9. Run Hyper-V on a Nano Server – This feature will allow enterprises to reduce their Hyper-V Host footprint by 90% and cut-down schedule downtime but 85%

    As before, Hyper-V will be available on all Server 2016 versions like Server Core, GUI, Nano Server and the free Hyper-V server offering.

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