4 Good Habits To Manage Administrative Templates Like A Professional

In this article I’ll explain how you should manage your Administrative Templates Infrastructure.

In the last few mounts I have been asked many times about administrative template and how to manage them and make sure they are setup correctly.

There Is no magic formula to manage AT however over the years I found the 4 steps below to be helpful and effective.

  1. Use Administrative Templates Central Store- unfortunately this Is the number one habit \ advice that will allow to achieve a stable and reliable AT Infrastructure, you can read how to do Here
  2. Always Install all the available versions of the product Administrative Templates even the one that you are not on, for example, If your organisation Is using Office 2013 make sure you load Office 2016 AT as well and when you apply policies for office 2013 do it for Office 2016 as well, so when the time comes and you will not need to upgrade all policies are In place and don’t need to reverse engineering the AT.
  3. Always test the templates In a test lab before , I’m not going to elaborate on this because everyone know why test lab Is important.
  4. For core product like Windows 10, make sure you are using the latest release, Windows 10 already have two versions of AT one for the first release and the second for 1511.