Install Windows 10 Administrative Templates

In this article, I’ll  show you how to install Windows 10 Administrative Templates on Windows Server to support Windows 10 settings like Windows Edge browser.

Important: To Install the latest Windows 10 1607 build that Includes the Windows Server 2016 RTM Administrative Templates click Here.

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The first step we need to take is to download the .admx files from Microsoft download Center.

Next,  copy files to a server and run the Installation

Note the folder path.

Once completed open the folder with the .admx files

Copy all files In the PolicyDefinitions folder and copy them to the domain PolictyDefinitions store on the domain controller which is located at C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions

If you are using a Central Store the location will be In the SYSVOL folder under your domain root.


Next Copy the language files (.ADML) from the extracted folder (EN-US),  In my case I will copy the English US files

Copy them to the PolicyDefinitions En-Us folder


If you are using a Central Store copy them to the EN-US folder In the SYSVOL folder:


Once copied, open GPO editor and you will see Microsoft Edge.

Don’t forget to Backup your policies before making changes.

6 thoughts on “Install Windows 10 Administrative Templates”

  1. Thanks for the article. Question: The Windows 10 template will replace lots of existing file that are already in place to support our current Windows 7 environment. Will this cause any problem with existing group policies? Will the Windows 10 template provide backward compatibility with already existing group policies?

  2. I ran into a problem when coping the files to Policy Objects folder. Trusted installer is the OWNER by default. Instead of going through the trouble of changing owners, I just installed directly into C:\Windows…. Easy.

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