Get Started With Azure AI Studio

This Azure AI blog post will teach us how to start working with Azure AI Studio and create an AI Hub and project.

Azure AI Studio is a Microsoft Everything AI portal that allows us to create multiple AI services using a unified interface with integrated collaborative tools for teams working on AI solutions.

Azure AI Hub

The cornerstone of Azure AI Studio is an AI Hub. An AI Hub is a logical workspace that groups a single or multiple AI projects. Every AI Hub has the following Azure resources (created inside a resource group) by default.

  • Storage account
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Container registry
  • Application insight resource
  • Azure OpenAI service resource

AI Project

To develop any AI solution, you need at least one AI project (created by default when creating an AI Hub).

An AI project allows us to:

  • Deploy LLM models
  • Test models using a chat playground
  • Create flows
  • Evaluate responses of deployed models
  • Edit code using VS Code Web
  • Deploy solutions to Azure web apps

Create an AI hub

To create an AI Hub and project, follow these steps.

Open the Azure AI portal.

Click on Build

On New AI Project to create a new AI Hub and project.

Click next and review (and rename) the resources that will deploy to Azure.

Click Next and Click Create an AI project.

If you open the Azure portal and the new resource group, you will see the list of all the resources that AI created.

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