Azure AI vs Azure Open AI

This blog post will explain the difference between Azure AI and Azure Open AI services.

As Microsoft refines and builds its AI offering and capabilities, it becomes increasingly confusing to understand the vast number of AI services Microsoft offers, and this post will try to clarify that.

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Azure AI

Let’s start with Azure AI. Azure AI (also known as Azure AI Services) is the umbrella brand (for now) that hosts all the AI services that are part of Azure (not Microsoft 365).

Some of the AI services that sit under Azure AI are:

  • Azure AI Search
  • Bot Service
  • Content Safety
  • Custom Vision
  • Face Language
  • Speech
  • Document Intelligence
  • Video Indexer
  • Immersive Reader
  • Visio

And lastly, the Azure OpenAI Service.

Azure Open AI

As listed above, Azure Open AI service is one of the number of AI services Azure AI offers and is included under the same SDK that belongs to Azure. Many people are confused because of the dedicated portal Azure Open AI has compared to other AI services.

If you look at the Azure AI services documentation page, you will notice that a number of the original Azure AI services (previously branded as Cognitive Services) are being retired as a result of the ties and partnerships between Open AI and Microsoft.

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