Azure AI Studio vs Microsoft Copilot Studio

This blog post will discuss Azure AI Studio vs Microsoft Copilot Studio and what each service offer.

Since the release of ChatGPT back in early 2023 and Microsoft’s partnership with Open AI, Microsoft has released several AI services, tools, portals and offerings under various names that look the same, but they are not.

Azure AI Studio vs Microsoft Copilot Studio

The primary two services that Microsoft currently offers are:

Azure AI Studio – Offer AI infrastructure that allows companies to develop AI services from scratch with end-to-end infrastructure hosted in Azure. Azure AI services include Azure OpenAI, AI Search, Bot Service and more.

This service is accessible using the Azure AI studio portal, which is currently in preview mode.

Copilot Studio – The Copilot offering is a low-code AI tool that allows organizations to develop AI solutions using Microsoft 365 data or external sources similar to the Power Platform.

Copilot development is done using the Copilot Studio tool. It can help us create copilot bots using our data and publish them on platforms (channels) like Teams, Power Apps, and websites.

Once you understand the two offerings, you can start focusing on the path to developing AI solutions using Microsoft AI services. The main takeaway is that Azure AI is an integrated AI as-an-infrastructure service that gives you all the tools and infrastructure to develop AI solutions from the ground up.

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