Get a List Of All AWS IAM Users with Python (boto3)

In this blog post, I will show you how to get a list Of all AWS IAM users with Python (boto3) and AWS SDK for Python.

In my previous article, I showed you how to start an AWS EC2 VM using Python. Now, I will build on the capabilities of the previous article and show you how to access IAM with Python.

AWS SDK for Python

The AWS SDK for Python is a set of tools and libraries that allow developers to easily interact with Amazon Web Services (AWS) using the Python programming language.

With the AWS SDK for Python, developers can write Python code to access and manipulate AWS services such as Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, and Amazon DynamoDB.

The SDK provides a simple and consistent interface to interact with AWS services, and handles low-level details such as authentication and error handling.

Additionally, the SDK is regularly updated to support new AWS services and features, ensuring that developers have access to the latest functionality when building applications on AWS.

Get a List Of All AWS IAM Users with Python (boto3)

Below is my Python script that connects to AWS using my AWS configure configuration.

After connecting, I will create a client object that uses IAM and shows all usernames.

After running my code, you can see all the users.


AWS Boto3 offers Python developers a powerful way to interact directly with AWS services.

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Get a List Of All AWS IAM Users with Python (boto3)
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