How to Get User Input in Python

In this blog post, I will show you how to get input from a user in Python and how easy it is.


To get input from a user in Python, we use a built-in function called input().

The function prompts the user to enter a value.

Below, I have two lines of code.

In the first one, I am printing to the screen and asking the user to enter a message.

In the second line, I am using the input() function to get the input from the user.

print("Enter message")
get_input = input()

I can also integrate the input function into a text that will prompt for input.

As shown below I used in the first example.

get_input_2 = input("Please enter message")

Note: Input data is always returned as a string.

If you need to get the input in the form of a number (int) or float, you will need to convert the value after you receive the input.

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