Install Python 3.8 on Amazon Linux 2 EC2 Instance

This blog post will show you how to install Python 3.8 on an Amazon Linux 2 EC2 Instance.

In my case, I have an Amazon Linux 2 EC2 instance that I have deployed, and by default, it comes with Python 2.7.

Amazon Linux 2

Amazon Linux 2 is a Linux-based operating system that is designed to run on virtual servers and cloud environments. It is a successor to Amazon Linux and comes with a variety of new features and improvements.

Some of the key features of Amazon Linux 2 include long-term support, enhanced security, improved performance, and compatibility with a wide range of software packages.

Additionally, it comes with a pre-installed set of tools and applications that are commonly used in cloud environments, making it easy to get started with.

Install Python 3.8 on Amazon Linux 2 EC2 Instance

To start the process, I will SSH to my instance and run the following command that will install all the dependencies.

Next, Check the Python website below for the latest build number.

In my case, I will install the latest build, which is 3.8.1, and run the command below to download it.

I will go ahead and unzip the file.

Next, open the directory

The two commands below will install the files.

To run Python 3.8, type

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