Find AWS Regions With The AWS PowerShell Module

In this blog post, we will show you how to get a list of all the AWS regions using the AWS PowerShell module to help you automate and codify some of your AWS infrastructures.

In our previous post we showed how to get started with the PowerShell tools for AWS, so make sure your review that post if you need to install the module.

AWS Tools for PowerShell

AWS Tools for PowerShell simplifies the process of managing AWS resources. The cmdlets are in-context, in-memory items that help in the creation, update and deletion of resources. It also gives programmatic access to AWS services like Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon S3 and more. The modules that are used for this system consist of cmdlets with no dependencies.

Get Region

To get a list of all the regions, we use the following cmdlet, the list will output each region.


We can also use PowerShell where statement to filter the results and get all the regions in a specific continent as shown below.

 Get-AWSRegion | where {$ -like "*europe*"}

About AWS Regions

AWS regions offer a variety of services. Amazon’s cloud computing service, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) provides resizable compute capacity in the AWS region. The American West (Oregon) region also hosts Amazon Machine Learning which is a managed service that enables anyone to use machine learning in their applications by reducing the friction of getting started and eliminating the need for custom software development.

Amazon Route 53 has many services in the Multi-Region Availability Zones that are replicated across multiple regions, enabling you to access your resources quickly and reliably even when one of the regions becomes inaccessible. The API Gateway API service enables you to provide secure access to the back end of websites using an API. API traffic can be routed to API endpoints deployed across EC2 instances, AWS Lambda functions, or other HTTP/S endpoints exposed by your web servers.

Amazon CloudFront is the content delivery solution for your users to deliver your website, videos, applications, games or other online content faster and with less network latency. Amazon CloudFront has a variety of features including Secure Content, Authenticated Origin Pulls, HTTP/2 Support and Latency Based Routing.