Joining a Windows 10 Machine to Microsoft Intune The Easy Way

In this blog post, I will show you how to join a Windows 10 machine to Microsoft Intune using a deep link.

When connecting a machine to Intune, it is essential to ensure that the device meets the necessary requirements for enrollment.

Once the device is prepared, it can be easily enrolled in Intune through the company portal or by using an enrollment token.

This process enables IT administrators to manage and secure the device, ensuring compliance with company policies and providing access to resources such as company apps and email.

If you remember from my previous article, we join machines to Microsoft Intune using Azure AD join.

In the past, I have shown you how to join a machine to Intune using the accounts menu.

That options is good and still works however it takes longer to join the machines using that method.

Once a windows 10 machine is joined to Azure AD, the machine can be managed with Intune.

Joining a Windows 10 Machine to Microsoft Intune The Easy Way

Deep links are like shortcuts that allow us to access a specific screen on our machine using a link that we type either in the browser or in the run command line.

To join a Windows 10 machine Azure AD and effectively to join it to Microsoft Intune follow the steps below.

Open the run menu on you Windows 10 machine and paste the following line and press OK.

Joining a Windows 10 Machine to Microsoft Intune The Easy Way

After pressings OK, you will see the Setup a work or school account menu.

At this stage, depending on your policies, you can enter a global admin account or just the email address of the user that will use the machine.

In the next screen, you will be asked to enter the password.

Once you follow the steps, the machine will be joined to Azure AD and Intune and you can manage it using the new Intune management console.

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  1. The problem is if your device is AAD joined with different owner and login user same device is different then you will not get any application/s in company portal.

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