Joining Windows 11 to Azure Active Directory

This blog post will show you how to join Windows 11 to Azure Active Directory.

Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based identity and access management service that allows you to manage user identities and permissions in your Azure and on-premises resources. Azure Active Directory can also be used to enable single sign-on for users who need access to multiple resources. Joining Windows 11 to Azure Active Directory is a great way to increase security for your business and improve productivity for your users. Let’s get started!

Joining a machine to Azure Active Directory is also required for Endpoint Manager and Intune management capabilities. It is impossible to manage and configure endpoints without joining them to Azure AD.

Azure AD Join

To join a Windows 11 machine to Azure Active Directory, login to the Windows 11 machine, go to settings -> Accounts -> Access work or school and click Connect as shown below.

In the setup screen, click on the link Join this device to Azure Active Directory

when asked for, provide your Microsoft 365 admin account details.

Note: By default, standard users can join their machines to Azure AD without being Global Administrators.

If everything was done correctly, you should see the message below.

After a few minutes, you should see the Azure Active Directory (Devices) machines.

The machine will also appear in Intune after a few minutes.


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