Azure DevOps CLI allows us to create, manage and delete objects and resources inside an Azure DevOps tenant.

The Azure DevOps CLI is an extension to the Azure CLI command-line utility. Before installing the Azure DevOps CLI, we need to install Azure CLI first.

Install Extension

To install the Azure DevOps extension, run the following command.

az extension add --name azure-devops

To check if the extension was installed successfully, run:

az extension list -o table

Manage Azure DevOps Org

Now that you have the Azure DevOps CLI installed, you can manage your tenant by configuring the CLI to point to your org and project using the following command.

az devops configure --defaults organization=  project="PROJECTNAME"

Note: You will need to login to Azure using az login first

To view all the pipelines inside a project run the following command.

az pipelines list

Success! You're on the list.





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