How to Reset Your Azure DevOps Repository Password

This blog post will show you how to reset your Azure DevOps repository password. This is an important task that should be done periodically to ensure the security of your account.

We will also provide instructions on how to change your password if you forget it. Let’s get started!

about Azure repos personal access token

An Azure Repos personal access token (PAT) is an authentication that allows you to connect to Azure Repos or Azure Pipelines from a code editor or from a command-line tool.

With a PAT, you can connect to Azure Repos or Azure Pipelines without supplying your username and password. This is helpful when you want to keep your credentials secret, for example, when you’re working on a project that has private code repositories.

To reset your Azure Repository PAT, access the Security section by clicking on your username (top right corner) and clicking on Security, as shown below.

Select your PAT, click on Regenerate and copy the password.

About Azure DevOps Repos

Azure DevOps Repos is a cloud-based source code management (SCM) and collaboration platform for software developers. It enables developers to store their source code in the cloud, share it with their team, collaborate on code, and deploy it to Azure.

Azure DevOps Repos is based on the popular Git source code management system. It includes all of the features of Git, plus a few Azure-specific enhancements. For example, it integrates with Azure Pipelines to enable continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD).

Azure DevOps Repos is free for up to five users.