Set a Default AWS Region With PowerShell

Amazon Web Services offers a wide range of features and services. There are a set of regions in which a company can deploy a service or use it from the Cloud. These include US East 1, US West 1, US West 2, Europe North 1, Europe South 1, Asia Pacific South East 1, Asia Pacific Southeast 2.

Set AWS Region

Before setting a region, let’s check if we have a default region configured in our AWS Shell using the following PowerShell cmdlet.


In the following cmdlet, I’m configuring my default region to AP-SOUTHEAST-1 using the set cmdlet.

Set-DefaultAWSRegion -Region ap-southeast-1

After the cmdlet has run, I will run the get cmdlet to check the region, and the output should show the set region.

As of writing these posts, AWS has 23 active regions. To count them, use the following cmdlet.

Get-AWSRegion | measure