How to Backup an Azure VM using Azure CLI

In this post, I will show How to Backup an Azure VM using Azure CLI command-line tool.

In this post, we will learn how to backup an Azure virtual machine using Azure CLI. We will use Azure CLI commands to create a Recovery Services vault and a backup policy.

Then, we will configure the virtual machine to be backed up using the backup policy. Finally, we will test the backup by restoring the virtual machine to a previous point in time. This process will help us protect our critical data and ensure business continuity in case of any disaster.

Backup an Azure VM using Azure CLI

Please change the items in caps to match your environment:

Paste the code to Azure CLI or Azure Cloud Shell.

You can monitor the progress from the Backup jobs screen in the Azure recovery services vault.

About Azure Recovery Services

Azure Recovery Services is an offering from Microsoft that provides data backup and disaster recovery services for applications and workloads running in the cloud or on-premises.

It allows users to protect their critical data and applications against accidental or intentional data loss, system failures, or disasters.

With Azure Recovery Services, users can easily back up their data to the cloud, replicate virtual machines, and failover to a secondary site in the event of an outage. This helps ensure business continuity and minimize downtime.