Backup And Restore Azure VM Using Recovery Services

In this article I will show you how I enable Microsoft Azure Recovery Services and backup my Nano Server Virtual Machine and recover It.

To start with Recovery Services, I need to Create a new Storage Vault from the Recovery Services vaults page and click on Add

Fill In the details

Once done click on it

Click Backup

I select Azure Virtual Machine

Next I create a Backup policy

Next I select Nano Server VM which I want to backup

Once done, I can see all the available backup options

From the Backup Jobs I can see my backup job for my Nano server

Next I’ll run a manual without using the schedule I configured before using the Backup Now button

As you can see backup Is running

By going to backup jobs I can see my Backup running

Next I’ll restore my Nano Server VM by going to backup Items and clicking on the VM

Click on the backup set

Select the storage account and click OK

Click restore

I can also monitor the restore job

As you can see the restore job Is completed

As you can see Microsoft Azure Recovery services very handy and powerful.

The only thing I think you should be aware Is that the pricing Is based on storage used So you will need to monitor which VM you are monitoring and their size.