Migrate Azure VM Disk to Managed Disk

In this blog post, I will show you how to migrate an Azure VM virtual disk to a managed disk.

Azure managed disks are a new type of virtual machine disk type that works the same way physical disks work.

During the migration process, Azure will restart the VM, so make sure you this operation after hours.


In my case, I have a Windows VM that I will migrate to a managed disk.

To migrate a VM, I will click on the VM and click on the Migrate to managed disk button on the top menu.

The process can take help an hour to complete.

When Azure finish the process, it will restart the VM

If I check the resource group of the VM, I will see that Azure created a new object for the Disk.

The object type is Disk, as shown below.

It is important to note that after Azure migrates the disk, the old VHD disk is still available in the storage account.

In my case, I have deleted the old disks as it attracts cost.