Control iOS Updates with Microsoft Intune MDM

In this blog post, I will show you how to Control iOS Updates with Microsoft Intune MDM.

iOS Devices

Microsoft Intune offers many MDM capabilities and features that allow us to secure and manage our iOS devices.

I will create an update policy for my iOS devices in this blog post.

Control iOS Updates with Microsoft Intune MDM

I will log in to the new Microsoft Intune management console and click on Devices to get started.

From the Devices page, I will click on Update policies for iOS as shown in the following screenshot.

From the Update policies for iOS, I will click Create to create a new policy and name, as shown below.

In the Update policy settings, we only have the choice to prevent the device from installing updates.

This is a good option if you want your devices to only install updates during the weekend.

The final stage of the policy is to set up user assignments.

In my case, I am applying the policy to all users; however, if needed, I can apply to a specific group.


This post outlines the steps to control iOS updates using Microsoft Intune MDM.

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