How to Set Microsoft Intune MDM Authority

In this blog post, I will talk about the three types of MDM authority in Microsoft Intune and why they are important.

Setting up your MDM Authority before configuring Microsoft Intune it’s prerequisite to use Intune.

With setting up your MDM Authority, you can’t configure Intune or join devices to Intune.

The reason we need to set up an MDM authority is that it determines how devices will be managed or more specifically from where.

Currently, Intune offers two option:

  • Microsoft Intune MDM Authority
  • Microsoft Configuration Manager MDM Authority is

If you select the Configuration Manager option, all devices will be managed from the MS configuration manager and not from the Intune console.

If you select Intune, Intune will be the source manager of all configurations and policies.

It is highly recommended to use Intune as the MDM Authority and not configuration manager.

Set your MDM Authority

To set up your MDM Authority (you cannot change this setting once done).

From the Microsoft Azure portal all services menu, click on Intune.

Click on Device enrolment.

After clicking on Device enrolment, you will see the MDM Management Authority selection menu asking you to set your MDM Authority.

Without selecting the MDM Authority you will be able to make any configuration changes.

Once selected, wait for the confirmation message before making or trying to configure Intune.