Check Microsoft Intune Service Release Version

In this blog post, I will show you how to check which Microsoft Intune service version your tenant is running.

I will also explain to you how Intune services are deployed and how to check on which service version your tenant is on.

Intune Service Level

By design, Microsoft releases a new service version to Intune every month.

Every update contains new features, bug fixes and most importantly new capabilities that allows doing more.

Each release name is formatted in the following format YYMM for example 1912 which means December 2019.

Check your version

To check your Intune service version, open the management console and click on Tenant administration.

From the Tenant administration page, click on Tenant status.

The tenant details page will show you the service release number which in my case is 1912 (December 2019).

You can also find your tenant location, the total number of enrolled devices and licenses.

Please note that it can take a few weeks for a large service to be rolled to all Intune customers; however, the deployment order goes as follow.

Day 1: Asia Pacific

Day 2: Europe, Middle East and Africa

Day 3: North America