How To Install AzureAD Preview PowerShell Module

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to Install the Preview Edition on the new AzureAD PowerShell Module.

Azure AD PowerShell Module comes In options:

  • MSOnline – The original PowerShell Module that was released 6 years ago and Is not being developed anymore
  • AzureAD – The new version of the original Module that currently being developed but not complete and still in Preview Edition.

The AzureAD Module has 2 two versions at the moment:

  • AzureAD 2.0 – This Is the supported and stabled edition
  • AzureADPreview – The latest build of the module that has more cmdlets the 2.0 version.

In this post, I’ll show you how to install, update and delete the AzureADPreview Edition Module


The module Installation can be done on Windows 10, Server 2016 and above without needing to Install any prerequisites using the cmdlet below:

Install-module AzureADPreview -Verbose
Check Module

Once installed, I’ll use the cmdlet below to check the version of the module.

Get-Module azureadpreview -ListAvailable
Update Module

To update the module to the latest version, I’ll use cmdlet below which Install and update the module to the latest version.

Install-Module AzureADPreview

Connect to Azure AD

Once installed, I’ll connect to Azure Active Directory using the cmdlet below:


To view all available cmdlet, I’ll type the line below

Get-Command -Module azureadpreview

And as it stands now, the module has 181 cmdlet

Uninstall Module

To delete the module, I’ll use the cmdlet below.

Note: You can only have one AzureAD module Installed on a machine (you can have AzureAD 2.0 and AzureADPreview Installed on the same machine).

Uninstall-Module azureadpreview
About AzureAD PowerShell Module

AzureAD PowerShell Module allows us to manage, Users, Group, Application, Domains on Office 365 and Azure using PowerShell.

The main usage of the module Is to help us, automate and perform a bulk operation of Office 365 or Microsoft Azure.

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