Add Multiple Users To Group Policy Filtering Using PowerShell

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to add multiple users to a Group Policy Object using PowerShell and a CSV file.

One of the Issues with adding users to a Group Policy Objects Is that the Add menu only allowing to add one user at a time or groups.

In my case, the customer didn’t want to use groups and wanted to use users Instead.

The solution was to use Windows PowerShell and a CSV file with all the users In.


Because my Group Policy Is not using the Authenticated Users group, I’ll need to add the Enterprise Domain Controllers Group to the Delegation Tab Inside the GPO otherwise the policy will not apply.


Below, You can see the .CSV file structure (very simple), Create it and save it.

PowerShell Code

The PowerShell script below will use the Set-GPPermission cmdlet to add Users to the GPO

import-csv C:\CSV\users.csv | foreach{set-GPPermission -Name "outlook anywhere" -TargetName $_.samaccountname -PermissionLevel GpoApply -TargetType User -Verbose }


Once completed, The GPO will look like the screenshot below.

I can also check which users the policy applying to using the cmdlet below:

Get-GPPermission -name “Outlook Anywhere” -all

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