How to Add Host to NLB Cluster Windows Server 2016

In the previous blog post, I’ve shown you how to deploy a Microsoft Load Balancing Services (NLBS) Cluster and today I’ll show you how to a host to a cluster.

Adding a host to an existing cluster Is a straight forward task but we need to make sure we don’t miss a few Important things on the way.

Before adding a new host to an existing cluster we need to make sure:

The Cluster operating systems and patch level should be the same

Installed Roles and features should be identical on all hosts In the cluster

All host should have a static IP address and on the same subnet

Add Host

Once the above requirements are set and working, Open the Network Load Balancing Manager -> Right click on the Cluster and click on Add Host To Cluster

In the Add host to cluster screen type the IP address of the new Host and click Connect and Next when it comes up

In the Host Parameters, you have the option to manage some of the settings of the host like Priority In the cluster and default Initial state of the node in the cluster

Below, you could see that we could set 1-32 in the priority numbers

And default state options are seen below

We could also port rules on the cluster

Once added the state will be set to pending

Once done, all hosts in the cluster should be set to Converged

And when I now ping my Cluster IP address I get a reply

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  1. I receive an error “The RPC server is unavailable on the specified computer” when trying to add a host. any ideas why?

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