How to Rename A Network Adapter In Windows Nano Server 2016

In this article, I’ll show you how to rename a network adapter on Windows Nano Server 2016 machine using PowerShell.

In my case, My Nano Server 2016 has two Network Adapters and I need to rename them to names that will make sense and not just Ethernet X.

To change the Name, I’ll need to use remote PowerShell or Hyper-V Remote to connect to my Server using the following articles:

I’ll also need to be part of the Local Administrators group.

  • Add Domain User To Local Admins Group On Nano Server 2016

To get started, I’ve logged In to my Nano Server and I’ll use the cmdlet below to list all the NICs


Using the ifIndex ID, I’ll use the line below to rename the Adapter

Rename-NetAdapter -Name "ethernet 2" -NewName "Internal" -PassThru -Verbose

One done, I’ll use the line below to confirm the new names.