Add A Disk To A Windows Nano Sever 2016 Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine

In this article, I’ll show you how I add a new Data disk to my Windows Nano Server 2016 Virtual Machine hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Adding a new disk to a Windows Nano Server Is a very common task that every admin should perfect and understand it well.

The process does not require a restart or a hardware scan and can easily be preformed during business hours.

You will need to have VM admin access to the Azure Portal or a Global Administrator role.

On the Nano Server side, you will need to use a username that Is part of the Local Administrators group.

To get started, I logged In to the Azure Portal and open the VM blade -> Disk

In the Disks blade -> Add Data Disk

Next, I’ll fill In the details Including Name, Size etc

Once done, In the disks blade change the disk to Read/Write

Click save and wait for the update to complete on the Azure side

Once done, I logged In to the Nano Server and type get-disk to see the new disk


In my case, the new disk number is 2 and the friendly name starts with Msft

Next, I’ll Initialize the new disk using the cmdlet below

Initialize-Disk -Number 2

Next, I’ll create my new partition using the all the disk space and use the Drive Letter E

New-Partition -DiskNumber 2 -UseMaximumSize -DriveLetter E

In the last step, I’ll format the volume

Format-Volume e

To view the volume status, I type


At this stage, the volume Is ready to use.


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