Add New Volume \ Disk To Windows Nano Server 2016

In this article I’ll show you how I a new Disk storage to my Windows Nano Server 2016 Virtual Machine and set it up.

Before you start make sure you read the previous article about Managing Storage on Windows Nano Server 2016 and Increase \ Resize Disk Size On Windows Nano Server 2016 for Increasing existing disk size.

To get started with Nano Server check the articles below:

Below I have added a new hard drive to my Nano VM.

After I started the VM I run the cmdlet below to see the new disk (offline).

Get-Disk | ft -AutoSize

Next I’ll Initialize the disk

Initialize-Disk -Number 1

And to create the new partition on the new Disk I run.

New-Partition -DiskNumber 1 -UseMaximumSize -DriveLetter E