Monitor NTP Server Windows Nano Server 2016

In my last article In the NTP Server configuration series I’ll show you how I monitor my NTP Server and make sure the server Is working OK.

My favourite Is the command below which check In real time the time on the server against the NTP Server Source.

To use the command, I type the line below and write the Source server after computer:

w32tm /stripchart /computer:dc /dataonly

The next one will show me the source server and offset sync details:

W32tm /monitor

To check the status type:

w32tm /query /status

1 thought on “Monitor NTP Server Windows Nano Server 2016”

  1. Is there a specific package I forgot. I’m using the TP5 version and I don’t have access to w32tm or tzutil on my Nano installation. I copied the tzutil from a windows 10 station to be able to change my timezone post-deployment (wasn’t set inside the unattended.xml) and now I’m facing the same issue with w32tm.

    Thank you

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