Setup Nano Server 2016 As A Container Host

In this article I’ll how I configure Windows Nano Server as a Container Host and run Windows Containers.

To get started first Install the Hyper-V role on the Container using the article How To Install Hyper-V On Windows Nano Server.

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When done, Install the Windows Nano Server package provider using the cmdlet below:

Install-PackageProvider NanoServerPackage
Import-PackageProvider NanoServerPackage

To view all rules and features available type:

Find-NanoServerPackage -name *

To Install the Containers Role type:

Install-NanoServerPackage microsoft-nanoserver-containers-package

Once done I’ll Install the Containers Package Provider

Install-PackageProvider -name ContainerProvider

Next I’ll Install the ContainerImage Provider that will allow me to download Images for the Windows Containers

install-packegeprovider containerimage -force

To Install a Container Image I’ll the cmdlet below:


Than Install the Nano Server Image:

Install-containerimage -name nanoserver

To view Images:


to create a new Container type:

New-Container -Name Nano01 -ContainerImageName NanoServer