Setup Windows Container Host On Microsoft Azure

This article will show how to create a Windows Container Host on Microsoft Azure.

In this article I’ll be using Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5 running In Microsoft Azure, however you can also run this In your lab after you download technical preview 5.

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To start, open Server manager and Install the Containers feature.

Restart Server when Installation Is done,

When server boot, Open PowerShell and Install the Windows Images the Windows Containers will run:

Install-PackageProvider ContainerImage -Force

Next, I’m Installing the Server core Image:

Install-ContainerImage -Name WindowsServerCore

Install Docker

Next I’m Installing the Docker Demon engine using the two lines below:

Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile update-containerhost.ps1


Now I can use Docker

Before I can run my Windows Containers I need to tag my Server Core Image to be tagged as Latest build:

Copy the Windows Server Core Image ID after you run Docker Images and run the line below to tag it:

docker tag <image id> windowsservercore:latest

Now my Server Core Image Is set to be the latest

Now I can run my Windows server Core Image

Docker run -it windowsservercore cmd

And If I type Docker ps I can see it running