Microsoft Azure SQL DB SKU List for Terraform

Microsoft Azure-managed SQL Server databases come in many pricing tiers; this post will list them.

When using Terraform to deploy Azure SQL Database, we need to use the azurerm_mssql_database resource. The resource includes the sku_name property that sets the size of the database and the cost.

How to Use the SKU_NAME With Terraform

To use a SKU_NAME with Terraform

resource "azurerm_mssql_database" "sqldb" {
  name           = "NT-DB-PROD"
  server_id      =
  license_type =  "LicenseIncluded"
  max_size_gb    = 50
  sku_name       = "S1" // 20 DTUs
  zone_redundant = false

Sku List

The table below lists all the SKU options, and there are 127 of them available based on the region the workloads are running. To view the SKU list click on the image below.

Run the following Azure CLI or Azure PowerShell command to get a list of all the SKUs available in your region.

Get-AzSqlServerServiceObjective -Location westus
az sql db list-editions -l westus -o table

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