RDP to Azure AD Joined Machine from Royal TS

This blog post will show how you can use a Royal TS client to RDP to an Azure Active Directory Joined machine.

Royal TS is a remote desktop connection manager that can connect to remote hosts using multiple protocols, including Remote Desktop, used by Microsoft-based machines.

Connecting the Azure AD domain-joined machines requires a different configuration than AD-joined machines and workgroup machines.

Royal TS Configuration

To RDP to an Azure AD machine, Right click on your Royal TS connection configuration and click Properties. Scroll down to Advanced and modify the Authentication settings.

  • Set the Authentication Level to Connect, but warn me if server authentication fails.
  • Untick Network Level Authentication

When the above two settings are set when RDP to the machine, you will enter your creds at the login screen and not before.

The above two settings are similar to configuring the RDP file with the following two lines.

  authentication level:i:2






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