Unassigning Teams Conference bridge Number With PowerShell

In this blog post, we will show you how to unassign a Teams conference bridge with PowerShell.

Since the Microsoft Teams Admin Center does not offer a GUI to unassign an audio conference number, we need to use the Microsoft Teams PowerShell module.

Install PowerShell

Before we get to unassigning the audio conference bridge, we first need to install the Microsoft Teams PowerShell module using the following cmdlet.

Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams -Force -AllowClobber

Get Conference Bridge Details

To unassign the conference bridge, log in to your Microsoft Teams tenant using the following cmdlet.

Connect-MicrosoftTeams -UseDeviceAuthentication

Unassign Number from Conference Bridge

To unassign a number from a conference bridge, run the following cmdlet first to output all the conference bridges in the tenant.


The cmdlet will include all bridges, with each entry looking like the following.

Number             : 11111133444    
City               : CITYNAME
PrimaryLanguage    : en-US
SecondaryLanguages : {fr-CA}
BridgeId           : xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
IsShared           : False
Type               : Toll

Next, we need to run the following cmdlet to unassign a number. Based on the information above, run the cmdlet below.

Unregister-CsOnlineDialInConferencingServiceNumber -identity "NUMBER"  -BridgeId "BRIDGEID"





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