Covert ARM Template to Bicep

If you have been using ARM templates and want to start migrating them to Bicep, this post will show you how to do it.

JSON-based ARM templates were initially designed to pass information between systems and were never designed for human code authoring; Bicep templates solve this problem by giving us a world-class code authoring platform.

To make the migration and transition between ARM and Bicep templates, the language has native tools built into the CLI to help us convert templates.


The conversion process between ARM to Bicep is called decomplie and comes with a command that allows us to do it.

In our case and this example, I have an ARM template called template.json. To convert the template to Bicep, use the following steps.

Open the command prompt or shell and go to the ARM template location.

Run the command below.

az bicep decompile --file template.json

You will see a warning or information about the conversion on the screen.

Once the process is done, Bicep will create a new Bicep template file. In our case, the name of the Bicep file is template.bicep


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