How to Manage Bicep CLI

This blog post will show you how to manage the Azure Bicep CLI and keep it up to date.

The Bicep CLI source code and project are available on GitHub. You can track the releases and check for updates by visiting the project page. Keeping your Bicep CLI up to date is important, and this post will help you do it.

Check Bicep CLI Version

To check the current version of your Bicep CLI use the following command.

az bicep version 

The output of the version is shown below. My version is 0.11.1, which is the latest version.

Bicep CLI version 0.11.1 (030248df55)

Note: If you need to install the Bicep Extention, run the following command.

az bicep install


To update Bicep to the latest version, use the following command.

az bicep upgrade

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