Bicep Deployment Modes

In this blog post, we are going to explore the deployment modes option Bicep has to offer.

Bicep Vs Terraform

Before we start with explaining the Bicep deployment mode, it is essential to note that Bicep doesn’t have the concept of destroy command like Terraform.

Terraform destroy command is an explicit command that deletes all the resources listed in the configuration file.

Bicep does not explicitly have an equivalent command to destroy all the deployed resources in the template, and the reason behind this is safety.

Bicep Deployment Mode

When it comes to deploying resources, Bicep comes with two deployment modes.

Incremental – This is the default mode, and when we use this mode, resources are added without deleting existing resources inside the resource group.

No need to specify this mode because it is the default mode.

Complete – In complete mode, all the resources inside the resource group are deleted before the new resource is added to the resource group.

It is highly recommended to use the what-if operation if using complete mode.

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