List All Azure AD Registered Devices Using PowerShell

In this post, I will show you how to list all Azure AD registered devices using PowerShell.

In the previous articles, we discussed which Azure AD PowerShell module is recommended to use and based on that we are using the AzureAD module.

List All Azure AD Registered Devices Using PowerShell

By default, when an Azure AD user signs into any device (phone, computer, etc.), their device get registered in Azure Active Directory regardless if the device is domain joined or not.

Using the following Get-AzureADDevice command we can list all the devices that are currently registered in Azure AD.


You can check a specific device by using the device’s objectid with the following command.

Get-AzureADDevice -ObjectId ddsf-b4b4-4vbvbcb9-69-064a480 | fl

Both commands are good; however, the first one gives limited information, and the second is limited to one device.

List All Devices with Detailed Information

To overcome the limitations of the above commands, we can use the following PowerShell script, which will list all the registered devices in the organisation with the OS type, Display name, profile type and the last time someone logged in to the device.

# Devices.ps1

$alldevices = Get-AzureADDevice

foreach ($item in $alldevices) {

    Get-AzureADDevice -ObjectId $item.ObjectId | select  DisplayName, DeviceOSType, ProfileType, ApproximateLastLogonTimeStamp 

The end result should look like the below output.

PS C:\> .\devices.ps1
DisplayName     DeviceOSType ProfileType      ApproximateLastLogonTimeStamp
-----------     ------------ -----------      -----------------------------
DHP032     Windows      RegisteredDevice 27/06/2021 9:52:27 AM
DHP005     Windows      RegisteredDevice 5/06/2021 4:50:47 AM