How To Update An Existing Azure ARM Deployment

In this blog post, I will show you how to update an existing Azure Resource Manager (ARM) deployment.


Yesterday, we learned how to deploy resources with ARM using JSON template and Azure PowerShell.

Now it is time to learn how to update an existing deployment using VS Code and redeploy to Azure.

Update Template

To update my template, I will open it with VS Code and scroll down the Resources section. I will add a comma (,) and (” “) after doing so VS Code will show me all the options that are available for modifications as shown below.

For this example, I will set the minimum TLS version to 1.2 (default 1.1) and save the template. Below are the settings that I added.

    "minimalTlsVersion": "TLS1_2"

I’ll upload the template to Azure Cloud Shell or use VS Code to connect to Azure PowerShell and run the following cmdlet. It is recommended to change the deployment name.

New-AzResourceGroupDeployment -Name Deploy002 -TemplateFile ./sample.json -ResourceGroupName ARMdemo1 -Verbose

Below you can see the Azure portal before and after the change of the TLS. Just remember that I deployed a MySQL database.