Deploy an Azure ARM Template from The Azure Management Portal

Continuing with Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates today, I will show you how to use the Azure management portal to deploy ARM templates.


This blog post follows what we had learned about Azure and this week post about deploying a MySQL DB to Azure with ARM.


Using the management portal to deploy templates takes some of the complexity from the process and takes the need to use PowerShell and Azure Cloud Shell.

Open the Azure portal and search for Templates and click on it as shown below.

Click on Add from the Templates main page.

Name the template and click Next. From the ARM template page, we can copy-paste the template we used to my the MySQL DB.

I will go ahead and copy the MySQL DB template and click Add and wait for Azure to load the template.

When the template is saved, I will see it in the Templates page as shown below, and I will click on to start the deployment.

From the template page I will click on Deploy.

From the deploy page, I will fill in the parameters that are showing below and click Purchase. The good thing about using the portal is that the templates are saved and organized in the portal and can redeploy over and over again with the same results.