Get a List Of Disabled or Enabled Azure Accounts With PowerShell

In this blog post, I will show you how to get a list of disabled or enabled account in Microsoft Azure using PowerShell.

Azure PowerShell

For this demonstration, I will use PowerShell 7 which is supported by Azure PowerShell and is a cross-platform module which means you can run it on Linux, macOS and Windows.

Azure Active Directory

To manage Azure Active Directory with the Azure PowerShell I will use the Get-AzADUser cmdlet which allows us to manage Azure AD without the Azure AD PowerShell module unless you need to license a user.


To install the Azure PowerShell module, use the following cmdlet.

install-module az


To connect to Azure AD and Azure run the following cmdlet.


List Enabled Users

To list enabled Azure users I will run the following cmdlet.

 Get-AzADUser | where {$_.accountenabled -eq $true} | ft

List Disabled Users

To list all the disabled users in Azure run the following cmdlet.

Get-AzADUser | where {$_.accountenabled -eq $false} | ft

Success! You're on the list.