Export Azure AD Users With PowerShell To a CSV File

In this blog post, I will show you how to export all your Azure Active Directory users to a CSV file using PowerShell. In this post, I will use the latest Microsoft Azure cross-platform PowerShell module which works on macOS, Windows and Linux.


To install the Azure PowerShell module, use the following cmdlet.

install-module az


To connect to Azure AD and Azure run the following cmdlet.


Export Users

To export, all my users to a CSV file I will run the following cmdlet.

Get-AzADUser | export-csv file.csv
If you only need to export the first 50 users you can use the following cmdlet.
Get-AzADUser -First 500 |  export-csv file.csv
To export all the users after the first 5 users I will use the following cmdlet.
Get-AzADUser -Skip 5 | ft

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