How to Manage Remote Desktop Services (RDS) with PowerShell

In this blog post, I will show you how to manage Remote Desktop Services (formally known as Terminal Services) using Microsoft PowerShell cmdlets.

Remote Desktop Services 2019

In my case, I have Remote Desktop Services farm running Windows Server 2019.

By default Windows, Server 2019 RDS Server comes with the PowerShell module installed.

To get started, I will start PowerShell using the “Run as Administrator” options.

The name of the RDS PowerShell module is “remotedesktop“.

To view all the RDS cmdlets I use the command below.

Get-Command -Module remotedesktop

To view all the RDS Servers in the farm, I will use the following cmdlet as seen below:

If you need to view all users that are connected to the RDS farm, use the cmdlet below.


In the cmdlet in the example below to view all the remote apps.


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