How To Transfer A Domain to AWS Route 53

In my last article I have shown you how to create an AWS Route 53 Hosted Zone for an existing domain, and today I will show you how I transfer a domain from Go-Daddy to Aws Route 53.


Before you can transfer a domain to Route 53, you need to unlock the domain from your current domain registrar and follow their process.

Get Started

To get started and transfer my blog domain name from Go-Daddy to AWS route 53, I will you the Route 53 console.

From the Route 53 Dashboard, I will click on the “Transfer your existing domains” link as shown below and type the domain URL.

In the Transfer Domain to Route 53 page, I will type the domain name and select the domain extension, in my case it is .com, and it will cost me $12 a year (includes privacy protection).

 Once the transfer request has started an email will be sent to the current email address registered for the domain owner with authorisation code.


Following my first article where I moved the DNS zone to AWS, Will select the first option.

I will also fill in the new contact details as shown below.

As you can see below, Privacy Protection is enabled by default, and I can change this option (not recommended)

I can also change the auto-renewal option.

Once I paid for the transfer, there a few emails that need to be confirmed.