Create an AWS Route 53 Hosted Zone for Existing Domain

In this blog post, I will show you how I create a Route 53 Hosted DNS DNZ for an existing domain that I host on Go Daddy.

About Route 53

Route 53 is an advanced DNS Service hosted on AWS Cloud platform that allows companies to use AWS infrastructure to host external and internal domains.

In my case, I will use Route 53 to host my domain, and in my next article, I will show you how I move this domain from Godaddy to AWS.

Get Started

To get, Start I will log to the AWS console using the URL below.

Please note that Route 53 is a global service and you don’t need to select a region to use it.

From the Route 53 console, I will click on Create Hosted Zone

From the Create Hosted Zone page, I will fill in the Domain Name and select Public Hosted Zone.

After creating the zone, I will node down the NS Servers which I will need to use in Go-daddy to point the DNS nameservers to AWS Route 53.

Next, I will use the Import Zone File button to import all the DNS records I had exported from Go-Daddy.

Once the import process is completed, I will see all the DNS entries.

Now, I will log in to Go Daddy, and as you can see below, my Nameservers are pointing to Go Daddy.

I go ahead and change the Nameservers to AWS nameservers.

Below you can see all the AWS Nameservers.

After changing the Nameservers I will change the TTL value for all the Nameservers to 60 seconds.