Manage OneDrive With Intune Administrative Templates

Two weeks ago, Microsoft Intune team announced the release of Administrative Templates to Intune and in this blog post, I show you how to use them with Microsoft OneDrive.

About Administrative Templates

Administrative Templates are a set of registry entries that allow us to configure many settings of any given application on a Windows machine.

In an Active Directory and Group Policy environments, Administrative templates are popular because they give granular control.

Get Started

Below, I configure OneDrive for Business policy using the Intune Portal, to get started login to the Intune portal and click on Device Configuration -> Profiles

In the Create Policy name fill in the details and under profile type select Administrative Templates (Preview)

Note – the new feature is still under preview.

From the policy page, click on Settings and review all the available templates

To configure OneDrive policies, I search for OneDrive in the search results and select the settings I need to configure.

Below, I use the Enable OneDrive Files On-Demand by double-clicking on it and set it to Enabled

I can also block users from synchronising personal OneDrive accounts.

To auto-configure OneDrive to sync the login user OneDrive account, I use the settings below

Once I am happy with the configuration, I use the Assignments option to assign the policy to groups.


Intune Administrative Templates was one of the top requested feature for years, and it has finally made it Intune.

I believe this is a game changer for many organisations that were holding off with Intune and now can start move devices to it.

It also marks the beginning of many applications that soon have an Administrative Templates like in Group Policy.