How to Recover a Deleted Mail Contact in Office 365 Exchange Online

In this very handy blog post, I will show you how I recover deleted mail contact from Office 365 Exchange Online mailbox.

In my case, I will show you how I restore a mail contact called Tim Hyper which I deleted by mistake and I will use Outlook to restore it.

Please note that the same process applies to Outlook on the web we interface.

Get Started

Below, you can see the mail contact I will recover.

Restore Mail Contact

To restore the mail contact, I will click on Deleted Items

From the top menu, I will click on View and I will change my reading panel view to Off (it will help me sort the deleted items more easily and find the mail contact)

Next, I will sort the items by Icon and locate all the mail contact items.

As you can see my mail contact items are at the bottom of the list.

All I need to do next is move the deleted mail contact to the Contact folder (right-click -> move)

Recover Mail Contact after it was deleted from the deleted items folder

If the Deleted Items folder was deleted I can still recover by clicking on the Deleted Items folder and from the top menu click on Recover Deleted Items from Server

In the Deleted Items page, I will find the mail contact and click restore