How to Setup Azure Active Directory B2C directory

Azure Active Directory B2C is a great platform that allows the use of external services like Google, Facebook to authenticate users with web applications and services hosted on Azure.

B2C is a cloud identity service that allows businesses to connect customers, For example, we can allow users to register with their Facebook or Google account to our application without needing to ask them to register with a username and password.

With Azure B2C we get maximum security and scalability because it is a cloud service that runs on the Azure global infrastructure without needing to worry about redundancy and backups.

Get Started

To get started, I will create my first B2C directory which is the core building block in B2C.

Once created, I can switch between my B2C directory and my Azure AD directory where I run my blogs and other accounts.

To find it search for Azure AD B2C

Once I access the B2C application I will create my B2C Tenant and later on link it to my existing Tenant

I will go ahead and create it

I will also fil the information below

The creation process takes a few minutes.

Next, I will link the new Tenant to my existing tenant.

Without linking the tenants, I will not be able to run VMs or application that will utilize the B2C directory because the new tenant needs a billing account.

Once done, I can click on the my account and switch between my B2C Tenant and my normal Tenant and manage them.

If I click on switch Directory I will have the option to change directory