How to Manage Docker Compose On Windows Containers

Docker Compose is a great tool for multi-services deployments, testing and development for Windows Containers and Linux.

Today, I will show you a few cool commands that will help you manage, clean and administrate Docker compose applications and projects.

Get Started

The most basic command to start a Docker Compose project is below with the -d switch which detaches you from the container otherwise you will be attached to the container.

docker-compose up -d


Next, I will use the command below to stop a running docker compose solution and will allow me to start it later on.

docker-compose stop

And if I have a few applications running I can stop them using the app name like the below example

docker-compose stop appname

I can also use the command below to monitor my Docker Compose application and how it performs

docker-compose top


To view operational logs generated from the compose application I will use the logs switch as shown below

docker-compose logs


To pull images needed to the docker compose applications without stating the application I will use the command below

docker-compose pull

And once finished the image will be available


Using the commands above managing compose applications become easier and smarter.

About Docker Compose

Docker Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications using a YAML file to configure the application’s services.

Once the file Is created I can start all the services using a single command.

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